Are you seeking comfort in a time of sorrow?
Are you seeking solace for a friend or relative
who recently lost someone dear?
Breaking the silence that surrounds a parents’ loss of a child, Edie Churchill Hartshorne’s 2008 memoir, Light in Blue Shadows, is an illuminating and honest reflection on death, grief and the human capacity for healing.  In a series of finely rendered vignettes, Hartshorne unfolds the emotional and spiritual odyssey following the unexpected death of her 20 year-old son. “I began writing as a means of survival…” she recounts, “and gradually discovered that the moments I illuminated for myself were useful for others.”

Winner of three national book awards (Indie Excellence®, IPPY and Nautalis), the memoir invites us to come to greater peace with loss in our own lives, and experience our personal pain as a way of participating more fully in grieving and the healing of our world. For those who have lost a loved one, this book will be of great comfort; for those who have not, the writing offers a reminder of the fragile beauty of our lives.

The book is available in the following two formats:
PAPERBACK: on and in bookstores around the world.
“I know now that suffering can transform into light, shining through
blue shadows at dawn, that love is more enduring than death.”  
Edie Churchill Hartshorne


Interviewed by Mel Van Dusen, therapist and musician, Edie Hartshorne,
talks about her book, “Light in Blue Shadows”, in which she learned how to
transform the suffering she experienced from her son’s death.

Tips for Communicating with Those Who Have Lost a Loved One by Edie Churchill Hartshorne — You may struggle not knowing what to say to friends and family after they have lost someone dear. Here are a few “tips” for kind communications with those your care about: A few“do’s” that will make a difference, as well as words of wisdom.

Light in Blue Shadows -- an exploration of grief and transformational healing
Winner: Nautilus Book Award, Silver Winner, 2010