grief-to-gratitude-cd-cover-230pxw-100pxi This CD and my book, Light in Blue Shadows, chronicle my journey from grief to gratitude after the death of my 20-year old son, Jonathan.

In the online listening tracks shown below, I offer a few excerpts from my book, read with an interweaving of my own original music.  I offer you these outpourings of my life experience with these hopes for you:

May you be free from suffering.

May you know that you are not alone.

May your heart remain open.

Listen Online:
Readings from Light in Blue Shadows
by Edie Hartshorne

1. Prayer — May You Be Free From Suffering

2. Grief Like a Silver River (2:42)

3. I Want My Son Back (2:59)

4. Answering Machine Madness (2:00)

5. Family, Blessings in the Midst of Chaos (2:55)

6. Is It Really You, Jonathan? (3:05)

7. While Everyone Else Is Asleep (1:29)

8. We Gather to Say Goodbye (8:29)

9. Across the Barrier of Death (0:37)

10. Falling Like a Sapphire Star into My Heart (2:14)

11. Kindness, the Deepest Thing (3:14)

12. A Moment of Grace (3:49)

13. I Want to Come Back to Life (2:12)

14. How Much You Loved Your Garden! (2:04)

15. Jonathan Sends a Message (1:58)

16. Soul Dream Guidance (2:02)

17. I Carry You, Like a Song (2:25)